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Transparency comes up a lot in the art and science of graphic design. Playing with the opacity of any given layer in ay Adobe design program can have infinite levels of impact on the digital artwork that emerges.

Transparency is also incredibly important when it comes to fundraisers. I have been working very hard the past several weeks to make T-shirts and masks (and some new designs, even), but I also gave myself a goal in so doing that put me in a position to be held accountable for the profits I earned.

By committing at least 20% of profits of the ONE LOVE x ONEONTA and CORONEONTA gear to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce, I fully realized I would need to maintain the highest rigor of record keeping -- to allow for reporting back to the customers who essentially invested in this pop-up shop/sudden social enterprise built during the fallout from the recent/ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis in Oneonta, New York.

I’m posting today to build on the news I announced in my last blog post, to better quantify exactly how I/MULTIRACHEL LLC came to donate $321 to the Otsego Chamber of Commerce last week. In my next post, expect my promised announcement about what I plan to do with T-shirt/apparel production and proceeds distribution from here on out.

I know some of you have wondered just how popular each of the two shirts has been in comparison with the other. Side note: I also know “CORONEONTA” is NOT a joke that everyone can laugh at; that’s largely if not entirely why the “ONE LOVE x ONEONTA” shirts were turned around in such short order once people starting buying from my site. I heard from customers and community members who found the wordplay offensive or hurtful, and I wanted to offer an uplifting alternative for those who feel this way (which I completely understand, by the way — being an amateur comedian, part of my job is to take the hit for risking the joke; being a mom and a deep thinker and a bleeding heart lover of the whole wide world, however, I can also wholeheartedly promote the intentions of folks who want to show their support with a whole lot less snark).

In the end, I hope anyone reading can understand that I intend BOTH sentiments to ultimately curry benefit for the City of Oneonta...in any way that homemade fast fashion can reasonably allow, at the very least. I do apologize to the mayor of Oneonta and any residents who've similarly found my efforts distasteful, and I do hope you’ll reach out to me with your questions and concerns. I have already read and considered every piece of correspondence I’ve received on the matter (by way of email, FB Messenger, FB comments, and even a detailed Word .doc letter of protest to date). I will continue to do so and thoughtfully tailor my efforts accordingly.

Let's see how the numbers play out as orders (hopefully) continue. Hoping to make "round 2" even more popular to direct even more funding to the small businesses of Oneonta!

the numbers

SOLD to date
SOLD to date

  • We've fulfilled 99 orders for 115 shirts and 28 masks in just 26 days!
  • 10% of orders included items with *BOTH* CORONEONTA *and* ONE LOVE designs
  • $321 has been raised so far for the Otsego Chamber of Commerce



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